From: Mary Zimmerman 


I read with interest a story written by a regional missionary for St. Paul Street Evangelization. I think that’s an exciting and rewarding mission he referenced: We are to fight for souls (Jesus will ask “Who did you bring with you?”); helping save souls should be everyone’s responsibility, whichever way God calls on you to do so. The Blessed Mother told the three Fatima visionaries that so many souls go to hell for lack of prayer. I definitely believe one of our responsibilities as a parent is to pray often for our children, as children in return should pray for their parents. God has given Jim and I the grace to do just that. We want the very best for our children in this world, which lasts only a brief time; how much more should we then be concerned for their eternal life? The human mind can hardly fathom forever. Living 100-plus years is only a drop in the bucket compared to eternity.

Perhaps the best way we can evangelize is by how we live our lives. I’ve had a few accomplishments in my lifetime, one of which is having raised six loving children. I’m very confident my mission now is to reach out to the world (visit through my spiritual writings. It’s something God and I are accomplishing together in hopes of helping mankind. 

It’s so important the world is evangelized; we must not let this world take over the souls of mankind. Our world and all it contains will come to an end someday. The moment we die the world ends for us, but not necessarily for our mission. When St. Theresa of the child Jesus died, she spoke these words, “My mission will not end, from Heaven I’ll send roses to let people know their prayers will be answered.” I believe our loved ones in Heaven and in Purgatory are praying for us as well.

God gave Sister Faustina the mission while alive to prepare the world for His second coming. from her heavenly home with the grace of God she is choosing others to be her voice and to let the world know of Jesus’ unfathomable mercy.

I’m sure most of you may know, and I certainly don’t deserve it, but I am one of God’s chosen ones; the Divine Mercy Devotion has done so much for me. Now I must, “Go tell it on the mountain ... the mercy of God.”

I have recently given a life-sized retractable image to Cotter school from the generous donations of community members. I have already ordered one for St. Stanislaus – church or school – and am trusting in God to receive the means to pay for it. 

Jesus made this promise: the soul that will venerate this image will not perish. Imagine the joy of Jesus in us for having a part in making this image available to others. There’s a great promise for those who proclaim God’s mercy.

As I close, I just want to ask a question: What is your mission and what does it mean? I think it should mean doing something special for God. Spread His mercy around the world, or simply in your own home. At this point in my life I know its my mission to patiently and loving help care for my husband Jim. Find yours.