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Peyton and Tyler Gunnarson, brothers who are teammates on the Rolling Thunder Team, competed at the Move United Junior Nationals in Denver, Colo., on July 21-23. Peyton was a senior and Tyler an eighth grader this past year at Lewiston-Altura High School. Peyton participated in the under 20 age category, Tyler in the under 17 age category. They both did three field events, javelin, shot put and discus. They both competed in the following track events: 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, 1,500 meter and the 5,000 meter. The also both qualified for the open 100 meter, in which only the top nine times in all age groups participate.

Listed below are the results of their efforts:

Peyton – two gold medals, four silver medals, three fourth-place finishes, and one fifth place.

Tyler – one gold medal, two silver medals, four bronze medals, one fourth-place finish, one fifth-place finish, and one seventh place.

Only four athletes from the Rolling Thunder team were able to make it to nationals. However, the team was still able to place fourth overall out of approximately 30 teams. Over 270 athletes competed.

Peyton is heading to University of Arizona in a few weeks to compete on their Wheelchair Track Team.