Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS) Board candidate Torry Moore announced Friday that he no longer wants to serve on the board and will not campaign. 

“While I am on the ballot for this fall’s at-large board election, I do not intend to run a campaign and do not wish to be elected at this time,” Moore wrote in a statement. 

The deadline to withdraw from the race passed, so Moore’s name will still be on the ballot. Nancy Denzer, Karl Sonneman and Maurella Cunningham are also running. 

Moore filed as a candidate for an at-large seat. There are two open at-large seats. In August, Moore earned fourth place in a primary with five candidates for the two seats. 

In the statement, Moore said work-related responsibilities would prevent him from serving on the board. “When I initially filed to run for the at-large school board position, I had looked at my schedule for the upcoming seasons and at that time had the time and flexibility to be able to commit to attend board meetings and spend time learning and researching the issues and concerns that affect our local district.  Since then, there have been some substantial changes in the industry within which I am employed, and with those changes came the realization that my travel and work commitments would significantly impact not only the amount of time that I would be able to spend on board business, but also the ability to attend the majority of school board meetings in person, or remotely,” he said. “Upon this realization, I looked into withdrawing from the race but the time for that had long since passed.”

 “Great towns deserve great schools, and dedicated people working to make those schools better. At this time, that dedication is not something I can wholly offer to the district,” he wrote. He continued that he feels WAPS has improved and keeps doing so. 

“So at this time, I would like to thank my supporters that believed in me, and would recommend that they give the current at-large board members (Nancy Denzer and Karl Sonneman) their votes to continue to build stronger and better schools for Winona,” he said. 

Moore was not immediately available for comment.