Last month, prosecutors dropped all charges in a criminal case against Bradley Michael McNally. The 44-year-old Winona man had been charged with second-degree assault after police accused him of stabbing another man — who, according to police, came to McNally’s residence to discuss money McNally owed — in October of last year. McNally’s attorney, Kurt Knuesel, said the incident was an act of self-defense, not a crime. On June 24, the Winona County Attorney’s Office dropped the charges.

“After receipt of additional evidence last week and meeting with the alleged victim yesterday, the state dismisses this matter in the interests of justice,” Assistant County Attorney Kevin O’Laughlin wrote in a letter to the judge.

“We were able to provide evidence to the state that we believe shows that Mr. McNally’s privacy was invaded in a manner that caused him to legitimately fear for his own welfare and the welfare of others in the home,” Knuesel wrote in a statement. “He really had no choice but to defend himself.”

Knuesel continued, “Mr. McNally and I are pleased that the state has dismissed the complaint against him. While we were looking forward to presenting Mr. McNally’s side of this situation at trial, we agree with the state’s position that the interests of justice support the dismissal of these charges. Mr. McNally has maintained his innocence throughout these proceedings, and it is our position that the evidence in this case did not support the charges against him. Dismissal of the case was a just result.”