WSU train depot property purchase

Map from Winona County, Schneider Geospatial


The Winona State University Foundation recently bought the highlighted property, a former warehouse next to the Winona Amtrak Station, for $500,000.



The Winona State University (WSU) Foundation recently purchased a property near its campus, but the foundation does not currently have any plans in place for the site, according to WSU officials. Earlier in August of this year, the foundation purchased the site for $500,000.

The property, located at 53 West Mark Street, is a relatively large property that features a metal-built warehouse. The site is located east of Main Street and immediately west of the Winona Amtrak Station.

“The foundation is holding the property as an investment, and there are no immediate plans for the site,” WSU Foundation Vice President for University Advancement Jon Olson said in an email.

WSU has been eyeing a new sports fieldhouse near Sarnia and Huff streets, about a block away from 53 West Mark Street. WSU is also planning to construct a new dorm building with the intent to attract new college students near Mark and Main streets, right next to the new property.

Olson added in the email that the WSU Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization that exists to raise funds to support the mission of WSU. The foundation also purchased the property for the construction of the new dorms on Mark and Main streets.

The purchase of 53 West Mark Street is a first for WSU; the property is located in an area where WSU hasn’t previously purchased land.