An open letter

to the Winona 

County Board


From: David Kanne



Dear Winona County Board members, I am writing to you all again to reconsider any potential mask mandate for Winona County. 

You have been elected by the People of Winona County to represent and listen to the will of the People. You state that it is ultimately the responsibility of the county to protect the health and well-being of its citizens/ I would argue that it is the responsibility of the citizen itself that is responsible for that – but if we go with that statement, a few questions come to mind:

• Why do you choose this virus as the place you finally make a stand regarding the welfare of all of the citizens of the county?

• Why do you do it at a point in time in which the cases are far below where they were at the height of the pandemic?

• What is the legal precedent in which you are basing this decision on?

• How legal is a mandate that goes against the will of the vast majority of the people it governs?

• How will it be enforced? Is this really to be put in the hands of our sheriff and police departments? Or are you expecting citizens and business owners to police this?

• If the mandate does go through, what is the end game? What is the baseline of cases that has to be reached for it to be lifted? Or is it to be left to the discretion of the board to lift when it feels like it?

• Why is Winona County the only county in the five-state area that I know of that is trying to impose this mandate on its citizens?

• Where or from who is this ultimately coming from? Is this being directed from MDH or other “higher power”?

• Why do you think so little of your fellow citizens that you do not think they are able to make intelligent, informed decisions for themselves?

• What training or schooling is in each of your backgrounds that has expanded your knowledge in infectious diseases other than you can read articles that support your opinion or you talk to people that support your point of view?

As you read this letter, I can imagine that you have opinions of what I think about the vaccine, how I vote or that I am skeptical about the seriousness of this virus. In previous letters some of you have expressed your (I’m sure it was sincere) concern about making sure that I protect myself and my family, assuming that I haven’t. I am also extremely concerned about protecting my family’s rights to decide what is the best way to protect ourselves and in turn help protect all of the citizens of Winona County.