From: Kent Cowgill



I am baffled by David Kanne’s “open letter to the Winona County Board” (Winona Post, Sept. 29) on mandated mask wearing. Baffled by his claim that such a mandate would be “against the will of the vast majority of the people” in Winona County. If Mr. Kanne has a shred of evidence to support this claim, statistical or otherwise, he doesn’t cite it. Perhaps he received a personal message from the “higher power” he references later in his letter.

I am baffled too by the protracted, angry resistance of Mr. Kanne and his likeminded anti-maskers to a public health measure whose value in lessening the COVID pandemic has been argued by an overwhelming majority of the nation’s medical experts.

But I am most baffled by the unstated reasons why such a relatively easy and trivial thing — wearing a mask indoors in the presence of other people — has become such a sticking point for Mr. Kanne and those who agree with him. If masking up would save even a few of their fellow Americans from serious illness or death, I wonder how many of the “greatest generation” who gave their lives in World War II would have refused to wear one. To consider such an innocuous public health measure some kind of oppressive governmental infringement on their freedom and an unjustified demand for self-sacrifice would surely have seemed to most of them beyond contempt.