From: Lawrence Zabinski

Rural Trempealeau


I’m against the location of a proposed cell tower next to my property line. To those I’ve talked to, their devices work well in the area. Since there was no community petition for the location because of zero service and no community discussion or request of any benefits for the community at this location before application, it does give the appearance of corporate overreach and a get-rich-quick scheme!

If a tower is really needed, it would be to a better advantage to locate a tower on this property’s hill or ridgetop for any service improvement. An access road via County Road F north or south of the property hill and ridge could be used, for, as I understand it, the DOT is scheduled to make road improvements to Highway 54/35 soon in 2023.

I think it’s a shame to waste good black earth cropland that can grow corn, soybean, and alfalfa, even when herbicides were not in use because of organic beef cattle production.

So do we need a cell tower every three or four miles on the flat ground? I can see the one near Trempealeau through my kitchen and living room windows. Why would I want such a 250-foot albatross 50 yards away from me! Plus, it would be a major eyesore for the community so close to the Great River Road.

I see no wisdom in this location!


Editor’s note: Zabinski later added that the proposal is on hold while an issue with landownership is resolved.