From: Jim Hohensee

Minnesota City


So far, this winter has been relatively mild; it’s what used to be called an open winter. Our governor and those of his stripe are calling it climate change.

Something to be dreaded. The governor’s correct in saying this is occurring, but it’s not the reason he thinks nor the one he wants you to believe. The climate has always been changing and always will be.

Think, for example, what happened in the ice age; then google “Medieval Warm Period” and “Little Ice Age.” Both are documented by scientists, and both lasted for centuries. There were no automobiles, trucks, farm equipment, power plants or industry, yet the climate changed.

That the politicians are promoting is called “opportunistic fearmongering” and “self-serving legislation.” Right now, there are bills entered into our legislature ostensibly to combat climate change. If passed into law, they would drastically change your lifestyle. We may be at the mercy of the variable winds and the on-and-off nature of sunshine.