Randy Haedtke



Congratulations to the Minnesota Democrats in the Senate and House that took full control of our legislature in January!

Congratulations for passing your number-one priority in this legislative session: the most extreme abortion law in the country, which allows anyone to have an abortion at any time all the way up until birth! (My sincerest kudos to Representative Pelowski. I understand he was the only Democrat to vote against this bill!)

Congratulations for bringing bill HF91 to the floor, which will repeal The Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This will deny life-saving treatments to babies who happen to be born alive as a result of an abortion.

Congratulations on passing the “Black Out Bill” mandating that by the year 2040 Minnesota will run solely on renewables (wind, solar and some hydro)! We are looking forward to rolling blackouts in the years to come!

Congratulations on passing HF4, which allows illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses. Now all they need do is show their licenses on election day to proceed with a same-day registration and their ballot will be accepted!

Congratulations on bringing forward bills HF642/SF538, which is an Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote. Through this, not only will the cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, Rochester and Duluth decide who all of our electoral votes go to, but so will the big cities in other states!

Congratulations on bringing forward bills HF1715/SF1849 which will outlaw gas powered lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge clippers and chainsaws to be sold or distributed in this state starting in 2025. Just curious … why weren’t snowblowers on this list?

And a big congratulations on introducing the numerous gun control bills. These will inevitably lead to gun confiscations. Here’s what they include:

• Universal background checks.

• Universal gun registration, gun ownership licensing and mandatory purchase of liability insurance for all gun owners.

• Red flag laws that will allow any family member or law enforcement to petition the court to have your guns taken away.

• Compulsory storage of firearms and ammunition. (“Excuse me, Mr. Intruder, can you just hold on until I get my gun out of my safe and remove the locking mechanism?” “Oh, also give me a minute to go in the other room and get my ammo!”)

• Petty misdemeanor charges if a lost or stolen firearm is not reported.

• Banning large capacity magazines and other weapons.

• Prohibiting open carry.

These are just a few bills that the Democrats are pushing through this session. I was told by a House member that 2,100 bills have been introduced since the beginning of the session. A typical session would have about 700.

Unfortunately without the public knowing about any of these bills, they most likely will pass easily, given the DFL majority and their unwillingness to compromise. If you disagree with what is happening in our state, please reach out to your representatives. Maybe Mr. Pelowski will listen to his constituents here in Winona County.


Editor’s note: The so-called Black Out Bill also allows for nuclear energy.