From: Robert Reinert



Did you know the Winona County Board is considering a countywide mask mandate? My question is, why? Why is Winona County the only county in the five-state area that considers this a necessary move? Why have all other counties chosen not to take this draconian step? Why do County Board members, who have no medical training, seem to treat this as a medical emergency? If this is a medical emergency, why do the county commissioners attempt to supersede a state statute which directs the County Board Chair to make that decision? Why do these non-medical commissioners refuse to look at the newest medical data that shows this virus is spread through aerosols, which easily pass through any mask, and not by saliva or mucus, which masks may be minimally effective at stopping? Why is this a step to take now, when the cases are dropping? Why, when other counties recognize the problems with piecemeal requirements between counties and identify the wisdom of only allowing the state health department to implement such a mandate if, and only if, it is warranted? Why do the county commissioners feel they should mandate this measure over the decisions of other duly elected officials such as school boards and city governments? Finally, how do these commissioners expect to enforce this mandate if implemented? Do they expect the sheriff to send out deputies who should be protecting our citizens and keeping the peace to arrest non-compliers? Questions we should be asking our county commissioners! 


Editor’s note: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control advises face masks help reduce the spread of COVID by stopping droplets that may carry the virus