From: Karen and Richard Ahrens



My husband Richard and I are retired farmers living about a mile east of the Daley factory farm. We have heightened concern as the Daleys will once again come before the Board of Adjustment seeking a variance to the ordinance that restricts the number of animal units to 1,500 animals per feedlot. They apparently deem themselves worthy to be an exception to the rule, proposing a massive expansion while having a history of non-compliance to existing regulations.

We are frustrated that the factory farm will consume the lion’s share of our natural resources, particularly clean water and air. Our farm well tested 13.33 parts per million when screened for nitrate levels in 2019. (Water is only considered safe for drinking if it is under 10 ppm.) We haven’t raised cattle here for 30 years, and our land is certified organic. The city of Lewiston’s municipal water supply has often exceeded safe drinking water standards for nitrates and radium as established by the MPCA. The odor created by the existing number of Daley’s animal’s manure can leave you gasping and hurrying indoors on the most beautiful summer’s evening.

The Daley’s weren’t happy with the composite of the former BOA, the opposition, or their failure to meet the criteria for a variance. That was an outcome tough for them to swallow, so they will try again.

Has anything changed? The board has several new people, and the opposition will not be heard at the December 2 hearing, but we believe the Daleys, even with their “Fancy Dan” legal assistance, will again fail the litmus test. Their only reason for seeking a variance is to amass wealth and with no regard for others.