From: Danny Neumann



I am preemptively opposed to the upcoming District 861 funding referendum. In the near future, Winona residents will have a voice in the shaping of public school education. Put aside the district’s expansion plans for existing buildings; increased funding will only continue to deteriorate the fabric of our society as a whole, given the brainwashing that is creeping into our lives at every level. Wealth means nothing if the outcome equals the decay of morality. 

Every voter that even remotely cares about family values and school choice should vote “no” on the upcoming District 861 referendum. We, the silent majority, have to get out the vote, in order to defeat the immoral machine which is known as the federalized teacher unions. “School choice” is a dirty phrase to many teachers and administration in the public school system, but with your help, we can defeat their expansion. They say it’s all about the children. Is it really?