From: Danny Neumann



Maybe our schools need to be for-profit-based. Maybe then our teachers will produce better outcomes, outcomes that benefit the children’s needs rather than a government-funded teachers union. As a taxpayer and as an individual with a vested interest in a good product, I will be voting “no” on the upcoming Winona Area Public Schools referendum, as I hope many thousands more will vote “no” on that day, Tuesday, April 11. Mark your calendars! The “yes” vote will spend tens of thousands of dollars to get out their “yes” vote, as always. So we, as educated poor taxpayers, need to overwhelm them with our “no” votes. They have been defeated before; it can happen again. 

Note: Our fabric as a nation is failing at a rapid pace, and the way our children are educated plays a major role. Ask yourselves — are we better off now than we were before? Don’t invest in a failing system. More money is not the solution. Good ideas are, which theirs are not. Thank you, and hope to see you at the polls.