From: Kathryn Jarvinen



Extreme disappointment in Jeremy Miller is my reaction to his effort to remove Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. Jeremy Miller is our District 28 Republican senator who claims he is concerned about his constituents. His effort is a disservice to our health. Health Commissioner Malcolm has provided all Minnesota citizens with a great service providing us valuable advice and information about COVID-19. Since I am an RN, I am appalled that anyone with knowledge would think she should lose her job because of a political effort that is misguided. The approaching threat of Omicron should spell out the need for intelligent leadership in continuing to deal with this pandemic. Vaccines have saved us in the past but many are forgetting our history. Many have died. Let us prevent more deaths and get politics out of health care. Senator Miller please rely on your intelligence not your politics. This is unjust and uncalled for.


Editor’s note: Miller has criticized Malcolm, but hasn’t called for her removal. He told WCCO late last month that Senate Republicans were willing to put conversations about her confirmation on hold until the regular legislative session this spring.