From: Paul Krage



Regarding the April 20, 2022, Post letter to the editor, there were two writers who are offended by the cross display on the bluff above the city. I can sympathize that they may be offended, but whatever they might find inclusive is probably going to offend someone. I don’t really care if the cross is taken down or not. What I care about is there are many things I find offensive and yet whatever might bother me I don’t try to eliminate the offense. That is what inclusivity is — allowing others to have their opinion without trying to extinguish that opinion. 

The other concern is that cross is on private property, not city property. My guess is that both of the writers would be upset if they weren’t allowed to display a symbol of their liking on their own property if they desired. Where would you draw the line here with offense? Political signs are displayed prior to elections. I’m offended by the other party’s political signs. Do they need to be taken down? 

The one writer mentioned taking donations to buy bluff property to display their own sign. Go right ahead. Anyway, if you want to be inclusive, start acting as such and be prepared to be offended or to offend someone else.