From: Richard Dahl



Tim Ahrens’ letter to the editor in the November 10 edition of the Winona Post made clear and perfect sense to me. The fact that the Winona Zoning Ordinance has a 1,500 animal unit cap protects water supply in the area, limits the influx of nitrates in residents’ wells, and protects farmers with smaller dairy operations from competition with larger ones who use savings from operations of scale against them. In the retail world we’ve seen this in the effects of giant stores like Walmart on mom-and-pop stores.

The editor’s note printed at the end of Tim’s letter pointed out that state law allows property owners to request variances or exceptions to zoning limits. While this is the case, common sense would imply this refers to extensions of a modest limit, not the kind sought by the Daley Farm of Lewiston for 5,900 animal units, which is just short of four times that allowed by the current ordinance. There is a reason for the limits the ordinance set.