Chris Rogers

by Chris Rogers, editor, Winona Post


The signs are all there. Heat advisories, the first hint of yellow on my green tomatoes, and the Steamboat Days carnival slowly packing up on Second Street. Summer has truly arrived.

As I write this it’s June 21, the summer solstice and officially the first day of summer. For many Northerners, these short summer months are what we live for. The pleasant smoke of charcoal grills drifts through the neighborhoods, the river comes alive with boaters, anglers, and beach bathers, and I start daydreaming about the pizza farm in Cochrane and ice cream cones in Lanesboro.

Summer goes by fast, though. Spend too much time waiting to knock out your summer bucket list and the whole season will pass by before you get any sand in your hair. 

As you may notice from all the announcements in this extra chunky edition of the paper, there are so many events happening all of a sudden. This weekend alone Great River Shakespeare Festival begins, Lewiston is hosting its Heartland Days festival, all the state parks have programs (Merrick State Park hosts foraging talks, Universe in the Park, Whitewater State Park programs), WSU has an intriguing digital media conference, and the new Sandbar Storytelling Festival hosts its first performance and workshop. Less fun but important, there are time-limited chances to weigh in on the city of Winona’s police-fire-community center project and the Army Corps’ latest dredged sand plan and more than a few projects I’ve been meaning to do at the house.

My own summer calendar is nearly full already with trips, weddings, music, and family visits with nary a free weekend left. Now people are inviting me to more events on the same dates. It’s all enough to stress one out. It’s a bit like the feeling of being at a big potluck, where there are so many things to try, each one more wonderful than the next, but only so much room on your plate or in your stomach.

So, as is the secret to so many things in life, I’ll try to find some balance this summer. I hope you do, too.