From: Dick Gallien



How many times have we heard, especially during those 12 years of endless democratic-compulsory schooling, that no one is above the law and though it may hurt to lose, we should congratulate the winner and move on.

Then somehow, we elected a president who stomped repeatedly on those two principles; however, being a generous, though gullible nation, we will give him a choice: whether he chooses Colorado's Max or to spend his last days at Disney World, his cell placed near a replica of the Capitol, where eight times each day he will be released to fire up the crowd, reenacting January 6th as thousands of his followers joyfully assist him to his Capitol, where his Proud Boys will fend off his Secret Service to carry him on a throne, up the steps to be greeted by his heroes, Hitler and Putin, thus guaranteeing that he will go down in history as the greatest MAGA ever, by personally proving that no one is above the law.