From: David Girod



I spend part of a few weekends in December doing a task I enjoy doing: ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. I had two-hour shifts. The response was phenomenal. As I’ve said before, when someone is physically there, you get a better response — more donations. And again meeting interesting people. Testimonials from people positively impacted by Salvation Army. I met a son of a World War II veteran who had nothing but praises for the organizations.

Another donor, a woman, told of a story growing up in Chicago as a child. Her parents’ home burned down. After the firemen arrived, it was the Salvation Army who arrived to give aid. And as she said, “Not the Red Cross.” She was very generous.

Because there is no longer a store here and the former local manager, Holly, no longer is involved, Winona wasn’t going to be involved in the bell-ringing campaign. My brother George stepped forward to help set up stores and monitor the kettles, etc., and collect and deposit money in the bank. I’m grateful. We’ve done very well. One hundred percent of the money raised stays here.