From: Marcia Hitz



I first met Chris Meyer in 2015 when we attended a Blandin Foundation Rural Leadership training. Chris’s passion and commitment to the Winona area was evident from the beginning. One of my favorite things about Chris is that she takes times to listen, think, and reflect, rather than jumping on a partisan bandwagon. This can be frustrating to her opponents, both on the right and left, who might prefer that she react in an ideological fashion to the question or problem at hand.   

Chris is a leader on several committees, working to provide training and information for referral agencies on how county residents can access help when needed. She has also recently engaged the full board to review the past several years of state audits. She is striving to empower the interim administrator to correct issues identified in these audits related to deficient controls on federal Medicaid program eligibility that were because of too few health and human services employees.  

Chris has been an excellent county commissioner, and she should be reelected. She understands the needs of the community, is realistic about budget constraints, and is knowledgeable about the laws and requirements that face Minnesota counties. Let’s reelect Chris Meyer.