From: Dick Smith



I just returned from walking my dog near Bartlet’s Lake and have a horror story to share with the readers. The road leading to the lake is frequented by several flocks of Canadian honkers. They are relatively tame and cross the road to get from one lake to the other. They are wary of traffic but take their time, counting on drivers to give them the right of way. Most people stop and enjoy the sight of these magnificent birds at close range. Apparently not so today. I saw two dead birds on the shoulder of road that were obviously hit on purpose! What kind of SOB would do such a horrendous thing? Does someone need feed their ego by taking an innocent creature’s life? Go figure. I guess we have to face the fact that there are a lot of weirdos out there. The whole experience completely ruined my day and tarnished my faith in my fellow man. Please people, drive carefully on that road and report any strange incidents you may witness to the authorities. This could easily become an epidemic.