From: Reggie McLeod


For the last few weeks the COVID-19 infection rate in Winona County has been higher than nearby counties. Thanks to the recklessness of four Winona City Council members, the citizens of Winona are not protected by a mask mandate.

Unless a business requires customers and employees to wear a mask, we can still decide whether we want to wear a mask inside public buildings. This also means that we customers can decide where we feel safe doing business. Employers can decide whether or not they want to protect the safety of their employees and customers. And workers can decide whether they want to work in an unsafe workplace.

Talk to your friends about what you see in Winona businesses. We need to take care of one another and our community.

None of the children under 12 have been vaccinated, and now they are beginning school. Infection rates in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are very high and steadily climbing. It’s pretty obvious what we are going to see next.

Take care and stay safe.