From: John H. Holliday,

82nd Airborne (retired)


The American military has an array of terms to describe certain happenings, such as SNAFU (situation normal all fouled up) or FUBAR (fouled up beyond any repair). With these in mind how does one describe Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan? I have a term, but it’s unprintable.

In World War II our nation had the “Band of Brothers,” the men of Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Regiment who jumped into Normandy on D-Day and held the line in the Battle of the Bulge. We’ve got Biden and the “Band of Bozos.” Secretary of State Blinken is a total failure going back to his time in the State Department under Obama. He was the main factor in Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq, allowing ISIS to regain control and forcing the United States to return to dislodge them. Blinken was reportedly on vacation when the Taliban took over Kabul. Biden and Blinken need to be impeached. General Milley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General McKenzie the Head of Central Command along with the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin need to be relieved of command for numerous failures, the worst being giving up Bagram Airfield.

Bagram would have provided a safe base for an orderly pull out and we could have dictated the terms of our leaving. It was also much easier to defend with our air power and the vetting process would have been much safer. Unfortunately, what should have been done was not and now we have 11 brave troops of the Second Battalion First Marine Division, a Navy corpsman, and one paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division dead. Joe Biden and his incompetent staff have made our world a more dangerous place and America will feel the pain again.