Sandy and Craig Brooks

Buffalo City

On August 12, 2021, the 2020 Census data needed for drawing voting districts was released. This kicks off the districting efforts in Wisconsin that will set the districts that will be used for the next 10 years. Although district map drawing has been done in secrecy in the past by the political party controlling the legislature at the time rather than what is best for Wisconsin, this time thanks to our local referendum, we have sent a clear message to politicians that we want a nonpartisan, open and transparent process for establishing our voting districts. We know this is important because when we draw fair maps, our communities are represented by leaders who know us, who represent our needs, and fight for the resources that our children and families need to thrive.

As you remember, in our Buffalo County Referendum in April 2021, 70 percent of us voted to have a nonpartisan process for creating our district maps (by the way, 70 percent is the statewide level of support, too). Now is the time to call, email, tweet or write letters to your state legislators to insist on non-partisan maps; demand transparency through the process, reinforcing our referendum message. Iowa does these every 10 years by having a non-partisan citizen group recommend how new district lines for congressional and legislative districts will be drawn, which is then adopted by the Iowa Legislature. Our Wisconsin Legislature needs to agree to do the same. You can find your legislators by going to

Thank you for voting. You can check out your voter registration status at: