From: Mary Jo Klinker


Line 3 is a proposed pipeline expansion that will pump oil from Canada to Wisconsin. It is estimated to be completed in just under a month. It is set to cross rivers 22 times, including the headwaters of the Mississippi. As I’m writing this, over 600 people have been arrested for demanding that water, the source of all our lives, be protected over the interests of Enbridge, a Canadian multinational corporation. On June 4, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources agreed to Enbridge’s removal of 5 billion gallons of water as it builds a replacement for its Line 3 pipeline.

Settler colonialism, environmental racism, and capitalist greed are the roots of the climate crisis and of our deteriorating water conditions and access. Line 3 violates the treaty rights of the Anishinaabe people, threatens the water and wild rice. As Honor the Earth points out, Line 3 “endangers areas of hunting, fishing, wild rice, and cultural resources in the 1855 treaty territory. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the rights of native peoples to hunt, fish, and subsist off the land.” Line 3 is a continued act of colonial violence, protected by militarized police.

Winona, we all live downstream. We must protect water. What can folks in Winona do? Follow Indigenous leaders at frontline camps as a water protector, send bail relief funds for those that have risked themselves for our collective future, stop banks like Chase, Citi, and Bank of America from financing Line 3, and write to the governor, your senator and representative to demand that treaty rights are respected and the water protected.