From: Deborah Von Arx


My two grand girls, four and seven, are both quite shy. For two long years, they have been planning a lemonade stand. Finally, last Friday, their dream came true. They sliced the lemons and made the drink, melted marshmallows for Krispie bars, and dragged the card table out to the corner. They argued about whether they should face the street or sidewalk, finally deciding that most of their customers would probably be walking. Letti made the sign, and Miri hung it from the stop sign, and they were ready for customers … except for the shyness problem.

A police car drove by slowly and returned a little later. Officer Steven Rysted got out to buy lemonade. He was one of the first customers, and both girls hid behind me, too shy to make the sale. Officer Rysted asked them several questions like, “Can I buy some lemonade?” and the girls cautiously came out to serve him. Then he offered to show them his car and even turned on the lights for them.

I commend Officer Rysted for his kindness and his positive outreach to our community. He is the type of person we need on our police force.