From: Tamara Toye Rench

I wanted to donate a table and chairs by Lake Winona in my family’s name.

I started my quest by contacting the city’s Park and Recreation Department and spoke to Cathy Larson.

We met several times to determine the location as my preference was Dakota or Sioux streets as I live near that area.

Cathy inquired, “Would you like a three-chair or a four-chair?” A three-chair table would be for wheelchair access.

I looked around and commented that not one of the tables or benches was accessible for wheelchairs or walkers. My friend Ursla, who uses a walker, was near and stated she is unable to get to these areas due to uneven grass.

I would like to thank the Winona Park and Recreation Department staff members Cathy Larson and Patrick Menton for listening to my suggestions and concerns and making my table handicap accessible (at Sioux Street by the lake).

I have personally spoken to the first patron using a walker and mothers using strollers who can now enjoy the lake and table.

It makes my heart smile to know my donation table can be used by all.

I look forward to seeing additional areas with handicap accessibility in the near future.

P.S. My plaque states, “Dedicated to the Toye family, in Winona since 1868.”