From: John Rupkey



From the 19th century until the 1970s, thousands of Indigenous children in Canada were taken from their parents and placed in Christian residential schools, nearly three-fourths of which were Catholic. Christian indoctrinators, firmly believing they were doing God’s will, attempted to make them act more like Canadians and convert them into Christians.

Hundreds of bodies of those children are now being found in unmarked graves.

Now civil and religious authorities are trying to understand how this could possibly have happened. They are calling for investigations, apologies, and reconciliation.

But nobody is calling for a reconsideration of the essence of the problem that allowed this to happen, which is the traditional Christian moral theology. Traditional Christians are not allowed to reconsider their moral theology, because they must believe it comes directly from God through the Pope and/or the Bible. When it comes to moral issues, traditional Christians are required to believe that they can never be wrong.

Down through the centuries, Christians have done immeasurable good. But sometimes their arrogant moral theology that requires them to believe that they are always right has enabled them to be blind to their behavior we now consider to be immoral.

Civil authorities no longer allow Christians to torture and murder heretics, promote slavery, or abuse lndigenous children. But the self-righteous theology that enabled those atrocities to happen remains untouched.

The immoral practices that this untouchable moral theology enables traditional Christians to blindly engage in today will be revealed in the future. This will happen when lay people with an enlightened understanding will make Christian leaders stop engaging in those behaviors, and it will become just another chapter in the history of the immoral aspects of Christianity.