From: Mike Kennedy


The height of hypocrisy is having a public meeting to make an informed decision on a current public health concern, then ignoring the researched and clearly presented opinions by several public health agencies,

voting against the proposed solution and not explaining the reasoning behind that action. No, I’m not talking about the Broadway road diet project again.

But, there are numerous similarities in that the same four City Council representatives (Michelle Alexander, George Borzyskowski, Steve Young, Aaron Repinski) say they are “listening to their constituents,” then ignored the qualified and informed presenters and cast a self perceived politically ($$) correct vote. To hell with the public safety concerns, their repeated we-know-better attitude is and will continue to deteriorate the trust our community needs in elected officials supposedly working for us.

Elections have consequences, and they should not be ones that endanger the lives of Winona citizens, repeatedly. Times are difficult for families, especially ones with unvaccinated children. Proper masking is part of the many layers of recommended preventative public measures, accepted around the world. Why not in Winona?