From: Tom Parlin



Polarization is the rule rather than the exception in our current culture. Abortion is the current topic of polarizing issues. I identify myself as positively pro-life. When people argue for or against abortion, each draws their concerns from different places. Those who are abortion advocates talk about “reproductive freedom” and the right of women to choose. We, in the pro-life movement, argue for the rights of the unborn child to live. Rarely do these dual concerns intersect.

Democrats tend to fight any limitations on abortion and are unwilling to compromise. The Republicans, as a rule, support the rights of the unborn. But I have found too often that the Republicans are less supportive of families once the child is born, while Democrats are more likely to support programs to support the most vulnerable, including one-parent families trying to make ends meet. The education system and employer, in many cases, do not provide the proper support for women in crisis pregnancies and one-parent families who need to provide child care while going to school or work.  

Some states have enacted stringent laws on abortion. Some have banned the use of drugs that may lead to abortion, although this is not the primary purpose of the given drug. Denying a woman who has ectopic pregnancy the right to terminate also seems extreme.  

Both sides have not listened to each other, me included. We will not agree on many things, but we need to hear each other’s point of view. For those of us who are pro-life, we must support laws and actions that support women in crisis. I know there are many who do, but at least in the political and business realm, there are many who don’t.

Finally, let’s not forget the other pressing issues we are facing, including climate change, the gun violence epidemic, the broken immigration system, and more.  These are also literally life and death issues that we must solve alongside the abortion issue.