From: Jenny Kuderer



A wave of royal hues comes into clear view,

adorning the bluffs in a blanket of color anew.

No more simple shades of green to steal the

whole scene as magenta, gold, and titian

are back in commission. Such tender, fragile

leaves make up a canvas of awe from which 

to draw inspiration and a touch of elation,

reveling in jubilation without a hint of reservation.

Bold, autumnal dreams offer reprieve from tones

too dark, a landscape of heavy pandemic grief 

heart-numbingly stark. The quick spark of joy

ignites again, Mother Nature’s brush ushering

in a rush of delight that eyes haven’t seen for

a year, pure peace stripping away our layers

of collective fear, nudging us all to steer our

days toward the ways of gratitude and light,

our sights set upon the stunning, radiant heights

of the bluffs ablaze in the beauty of an autumnal haze.