From: Allen Ericsson



Roe v. Wade didn’t force any woman to violate her principles or religious beliefs and have an abortion against her will. 

For 50 years, women and their families, in all imaginable circumstances, had the freedom to make their own moral judgments about reproductive health. On June 24, however, those who claim to be “pro-life,” apparently convinced of their moral superiority, succeeded in criminalizing those who disagree with them. 

“Pro-lifers” didn’t expand coverage to the 78 million Americans without adequate and affordable access to health care, nor did they lift 37 million Americans, including 12 million children, out of poverty. In fact, they have no plans to do either of those pro-life things. 

Instead, the next step, as suggested by Justice Thomas, is to ban contraceptives, dictate what can and cannot happen in our bedrooms, and end gay marriage. The hope is to impose these values on everyone by winning control of Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024. 

These are steps toward a Christian theocracy, with laws to punish those who don’t conform to “Christian values,” even though those values are inconsistent, even among Christians, and even though nearly every religion in the world is represented in our diverse population, with many not practicing any religion. 

Our founding fathers, many of whom were non-Christians, warned us about this. Hopefully, the Supreme Court’s abortion decision has alerted most Americans to the danger from those who seek to legislate morality.