From: John V. Carrier



Dwayne Voegeli is my top pick for County Board. I’ve worked with Dwayne on many projects. Whatever the issue, Dwayne knows how to listen, respect, and lead. If you have an opinion that differs from his, he will listen and try to understand you. Whether it’s a great idea or the dumbest thing in the world, he will respect you. He leads groups from the center, facilitating the function of the group and helping the group come to a common understanding. That is skilled leadership.

Dwayne also has beliefs and values that are rightly called the high moral ground. He has a keen eye for justice, especially for the underdog, the oppressed. He has a passionate love for Winona County: the people, the land, the water and air. And Dwayne Voegeli has a spine!

He is not afraid to take risks, to always tell the truth, and speak with a well-considered and well-founded belief, knowing that an opposing view is never more than a breath away. But what is right is right, and it is there that he takes his stand. Vote for Dwayne Voegeli.