From: Casey Mundt



My family lives in the epicenter of the puppy mills in Winona county. We live south of Utica, where, along with St. Charles, most of these big breeders are located and operating. In 2016, other neighbors attended the County Board meeting when the board was debating where or not to grant permits for seven dog breeding operations. These kennels were already in full operation. These breeders did not bother to get the necessary permit beforehand, but that didn’t seem to matter to the county (or at least three of the five board members who voted for the permits). We testified against these breeding facility’s because it impacts our home and quality of life. One breeder is about 1,000 yards west of my house, and we hear barking in the kennel. At certain times we can’t open the windows or have a calm night outside because the noise is such an annoyance. A few months ago the County Board gave a permit to another puppy mill 500 yards east of my house on the opposite side. In 2016 one commissioner stated that a dog barking is no more bothersome than cows mooing. Really?! We have beef cows across the road, and this is definitely not the case. At least these cattle get to roam around a small pasture. We never see any dogs out getting walked or playing outside. We have two dogs ourselves and know how much time and attention they need. Certain commissioners have obviously never lived by a dog breeding kennel and don’t seem to care. We oppose these puppy mills and further permits, as do many of our neighbors. I support a moratorium on further permits and a full discussion on what is happening.