From: Rocky Rohn


This Christmas season is my 21st year portraying Santa Claus. I am excited and looking forward to visiting homes, schools, businesses and even churches like I have for so many years. To see hundreds of adults and children smile and laugh, it is one of the greatest loves my heart truly cherishes. People in Winona and the surrounding areas show how much they care about people in need by giving a donation that I ask for. Caring about even total strangers.

This years donations will go to Cathy Jonsgaard and family. Cathy has had some serious medical issues and also her husband, Dan was in a very serious vehicle accident.

I have several appointments already and calls are coming in. Some people individually even send me a donation and several even give me a donation for me personally, but I insist that I do not want that for me although they are very kind to offer. I never take or use a donation for myself, never have, never will. Now if it’s cookies, that’s another story!

So, please give me a call for a visit at 454-5874.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, Rocky Rohn.