From: David Girod



In our third day of a new year, I still find medical professionals at Mayo Clinic protesting a vaccine mandate. It totally boggles my mind. I question myself using the term “professional.” Mayo reported on the Rochester Channel 10 news that 93 percent of employees are vaccinated. Good. Since earlier this month was the deadline to get your shot or be terminated, employees shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome. To me, the importance of having a good-paying job that can support you and or your family seems like a reason to do the right thing. Beats unemployment.

Vaccines are safe and effective. I and my brother got our two shots and boosters back in February and March 2021. Do you nurses think COVID isn’t serious? How about 10,704 deaths in Minnesota and 826,000 deaths in America? And 1 million cases of COVID in our state. I’ve been a patient of Mayo for 54 years. I’d want nurses/doctors doing my care who are vaccinated. If COVID isn’t real or dangerous, why do businesses and clinics put in extra effort to ensure cleanliness? Anyone at Mayo can see this.