From: Julie Chiasson



I’m writing in response to Joe Bernaix’s letter: “Surely some other organization could provide services to victims of sexual and domestic violence.” Really? Please let us know which organization you are referring to. The Women’s Resource Center, now the Advocacy Center of Winona (ACW), was started to fill that void in 1978. I have been involved with ACW for years. 

The accusations Bernaix makes are insulting and ridiculous. In April, ACW was invited to provide a lesson on healthy sexual relationships to a local charter school. An employee of ACW distributed a pamphlet with college-level content without approval from the ACW director. An apology was provided with action taken; the employee was fired. No pornography was distributed. ACW is doing an impeccable job providing services to over 600 victims annually (federal 550 report), while contracted with Winona County. To cancel those contracts would mean victims suffering alone or having to travel long distances for support.

There is a procedure in place to move a discussion forward at a board meeting. Commissioner Meyer followed that procedure. I continue to support the ACW and Chris Meyer. Please vote for Chris. She is always available to hear your concerns.