From: David Girod



I feel very strongly about the gun issue facing this country. And until recently, nothing was being done to halt the madness. So Congress got together and passed a gun control bill. President Biden said he’d like a couple other components, like more control on assault rifles. I would agree. What Congress has done is a start. But after the recent shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, N.Y., I’ve come to the conclusion to outlaw sale of any assault rifles to any U.S. citizens, not matter the age of the buyer. Only sell them to the military or police.

Their only purpose is to use in war and/or by the police in our cities. The assault rifles seem to be the weapon of choice among the mass shooters in this country. I saw an interview on TV talking to a gun enthusiast. The reporter asked how he’d use an AR-15. He said shooting prairie dogs, which he considered pests.

One more point: I viewed a congressional hearing following the Uvalde massacre. Speaking was the medical examiner. It was very graphic, suffice it to say.