From: Michelle Maslowski



I hate paying whatever the price for gas for my car. I hate adding greenhouse gas to the atmosphere from my car exhaust. I hate making it worth the fossil fuel industry’s while to keep drilling, pumping and refining for me. I hate knowing they get subsidies from my government to keep drilling, pumping and refining, even though all of the above will make the planet hotter, drier, and less life-supporting.

In response to the Post article of last Wednesday, concerning local car dealers being reluctant to retail all-electric vehicles (EVs), state mandate or not, I say, please, please, please, do the right thing. I suggest the demand is there, and dealers aren’t paying attention to it.

I hear about the supply chain obstructions. I hear about the manufacturing holdups, blamed on the pandemic. I also hear about the $6 plus per gallon at the pump on the East Coast, and how there are EV charging stations everywhere there. Change is hard; I get that. But change is coming, and it’s less difficult when we roll with it.

If there is an EV, new or used, on a lot in the Winona area, I promise you, I’ll test drive it. I’m doing the math. Local dealers don’t need to soak prospective EV purchasers, but I’m pretty sure, even if an EV is “too expensive,” when I calculate how much I’ll save not spending north of $200 per month on gas (not counting the externalized costs of the pollution associated with its production and consumption), securing financing on an EV seems like a no-brainer, even on my modest income.

Yes, the power at the EV charging station comes from somewhere. I get that, too. Is it possible for brilliant homo sapiens to think of other ways to harness the power of the sun for personal transportation, beside using fossil fuel? I think so.