From: Ruth Charles, voter service chair, League of Women Voters


At the Tuesday, August 9, primary, you will also have a single vote that is a special election vote. Voters in the First Congressional District will be voting to fill the position left vacant by the untimely passing of Rep. Jim Hagedorn in February 2022.  

On the front of the ballot, voters will vote in a primary election and select candidates who will be on ballot in November 8, 2022. You will only be able to vote for one political party whose candidates will be in one column (there will be four columns).

On the back of the ballot, there will be non-partisan votes depending on your address. Yet everyone who lives in Southern Minnesota will be completing a special election vote for our U.S. representative who will begin serving immediately until January 2023, when the winner of the November election will start serving.

Confusing? Yes. Able to do it? Of course, you can!

Consult the League of Women Voters website. After inputting your address, you will be able to see where you vote in person on August 9 as well as your ballot. The League also asked Primary candidates to answer questions regarding their positions. Their answers can be found on Additional information can be found on the League of Women Voters-Winona Facebook page.