From: Jenny Kuderer



This is the season for extravagance: extravagant kindness, unrestrained generosity, boundless goodwill. While the holiday season can be a time of challenge for many, it is also when the inner light of goodness within us has an opportunity to shine ever so brightly as we offer to share in our good fortune with others and as we remember that we all, no matter our income or circumstance, have gifts to share with one another in our genuine presence that is intent on meeting others as individuals with immutable, undeniable worth. For all the vitriol in our political landscape, we still possess a shared humanity, a tender vulnerability that we sometimes keep tucked away too neatly during the other months of the calendar year.  

This might be just the time to rediscover what profound generosity feels like, the stirring to give that runs so deep that we cannot imagine being in the world in any other way than as altruistic, though imperfect, givers. When sharing comes not from mere obligation or social expectation but from the very heart of our beings, from the very light of our souls, then we discover what a gift this season is to us. It reminds us of the pure wonder that lies within our vast reservoirs for authentic care, for heart-centered connection. It is a gift that can be carefully unwrapped and welcomed anew each day with intention and a touch of grace.