From: Deanne Sczepanski



You wouldn’t kill an eagle or a wolf. Why would you kill a human child?

We must remember that there are no valid excuses for abortion. Rape rarely results in pregnancy —only 5 percent of the time. The life of the mother always comes first in every hospital.

The baby’s heart is beating at three weeks after conception. Brain waves are seen at six weeks. All the little one needs now is to grow, not as a part of the mother, but as a unique individual, with blood type, personality and DNA which may be different from the mother.

You can get all the abortion supplies you want online, but what happens when things go horribly wrong? No one will deny you birth control, but remember that some of it is abortifacient, preventing attachment of the fetus to the wall of the womb.

The Constitution guarantees the right to life to even the youngest. Wisconsin Right to Life ( is an excellent source of information on fetal development, even designated places that offer free ultrasound. 

Our children are our future.