From: Joie Bjork



Thank you for opportunity to address my concern. I live on Gilmore Valley Road. We historically have a fair amount of semi, construction and general traffic through the valley given it is a truck route and easy connection to the port.

We expect an increase in traffic during different times of the year and have dealt with the speed limit not being followed (posted 35 mph and coming down the hill is 45 mph). However, with the roundabout construction our traffic flow has increased significantly. I have read and overheard comments by many truck drivers that they will be using this route routinely to avoid the roundabouts even when completed as they can access the bridge to Wisconsin and downtown easier. 

The amount of traffic noise has hampered our ability to have our windows open whether day or night. Our quiet peaceful neighborhood is no longer. This is also impacting those of us who work from home as the noise level becomes unbearable at times. 

I have personally experienced on more than one occasion nearly being hit by another vehicle as I am exiting my driveway. Many families and individuals use this road to walk, run and bike, they are clearly at risk given the increase in traffic. 

In the time I have taken to write out this concern, I have counted 20 semis and 15 cars that have gone by my house. 

How is the city going to address this? Is posting the electronic signs highlighting their speed an option? Is more police patrolling the answer? 

This is clearly a safety issue for those who live in Gilmore Valley, and I don’t see it improving anytime soon.