From: Howard Kruger, volunteer, 

Friends of Winona Parks


Our trees and parks matter. Join me in supporting the Save Our Trees campaign and consider a donation to the Friends of Winona Parks program. Your donation will be doubled with a new $24,000 challenge matching grant to treat ash trees and plant new trees if a donation is received by June 30. 

By matching the $24,000 grant offered in 2022 we will support: 1) treating existing ash trees (about $50 per treatment per tree) and 2) diversifying our trees by planting 325 other types of trees in our parks and boulevards. The Friends of Winona Parks has already treated 100 ash trees (saving most of the trees in Windom, Sinclair, Sobieski parks and around Lake Park), purchased two treatment devices and chemicals for $8,000 and planted 15 large trees in five parks at a cost of $550-$750 per tree.

How you can help: 1) Make a donation by June 30 online at (search for “Friends of Winona Parks”) or by mail or in-person: Friends of Winona Parks c/o Winona Community Foundation, 111 Riverfront Suite 2E, Winona, MN, 55987, and 2) Join us on Facebook:

Thank you for considering a donation to Save our Trees.