From: Mary Cichanowski

Homer Township


When considering candidates for Winona County Board of Commissioners, please consider this mid-term election is about change to the board as a whole. We have had this 3-2 majority for way too long.

This majority board may have attempted to appoint certain people to the Board of Adjustments to facilitate the denial of variances. District Court Judge Kevin Mark ruled, “This decision made by the Board of Adjustment is so severely tainted by members of the Board of Adjustment that it can’t stand” (Winona Post Jan, 5, 2022).

District One (eastern Winona): We have the opportunity to elect Ken Fritz, a person with excellent experience. This would be a good change to the board.

District Five (central and southern rural Winona County): Bob Redig is running against incumbent Marcia Ward. Mr. Redig is not a newcomer; he is on the Board of Adjustment (see note above) and formerly of the Planning Commission. Mr. Redig was involved in framing that controversial zoning ordinance. I would like to thank Mr. Redig for his past service, but he is not the change we need to see. Marcia Ward has represented us well, and should remain part of the “changed” board.