From: Sandy Erdman



I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity Repair Coordinator Dylan Mueller and the project manager, along with the volunteer fellows who came and built for my husband, Dale Erdman, a beautiful ramp that ties in so well with our front entry deck with deck balusters and a rolled hand railing — and not one that spreads out all over the front yard. Yes, more is coming.

More is coming since Dale, a very active fellow, had in 2020 on Mother’s Day weekend a heart attack and was taken to Winona Health ER and onto Gundersen in La Crosse, where he had five stents put in. All was going well until November first when he had a stroke after months of headaches and was taken again via ambulance to Gundersen. Then on Thanksgiving Eve, he had another stroke. Now disabled, he will be able with the help from Habitat for Humanity get out the door. And a thank you to all the help from the many at Aveanna Healthcare, formerly Recover Healthcare (RNs, LPNs and PT and OT), the help from Winona County, the Winona/Rochester V.A., Semcac, and more. We continue on. I was not aware of all the help and am so thankful for it all.