From: Carolyn O’Grady



I find it both strange and discouraging that some members of the City Council and some city officials believe that citizens opposed to the combined police-fire-community center on the site of the East End Rec Center are not "completely informed" about or "don't understand" the proposal. In fact, many of us have thoroughly reviewed and digested all public materials about the plan. 

In addition, some members of City Council believe the comments they received in writing or at the public meeting did not represent a large enough segment of Winona. Michelle Alexander said the council heard from only one group in the community. I find this deeply offensive, as it assumes all those opposed are somehow similar in demographics or political views. This has left me wondering if city leaders are going to stick to this East End Rec idea no matter what. I hope that isn't true.

Citizens of Winona, keep making your opinion on this topic heard, whatever viewpoint you have about it. These leaders are elected by us, to serve us, and to listen to us. Inundate City Council members with your opinion! Their emails are available at