From: Nancy Edstrom Bachler 


Dwayne Voegeli has become a well-known figure in Winona for his tireless work with everyone from students to refugees to people with mental health problems, drug addiction, food insecurity, or housing issues. He was on the County Board from 2003-2010, and we are very fortunate that he is willing to serve again. He has worked before with the county government to make it more user-friendly and transparent, which is just one example of how valuable he is to any government group where trust can be an issue.

I enjoy working with him on the Sanctuary Network and have seen him reach out to Hondurans and Afghans who have just arrived in this country after traumatic experiences in the countries they fled from. Dwayne has a real gift for gathering people who offer a wide variety of talents to find shelter, food, jobs, legal and linguistic help plus transportation to help them navigate in their new setting. He never loses patience or runs out of energy or caring concern for any cause or group he works with. He will be a real asset to the County Board.