From: Dick Smith



Upon reading recent  submissions from David Kanne and Robert Reinert in Winona’s news media concerning Winona County’s mask mandate proposal, I have to ask these authors — what planet are you guys from? You both state that COVID cases have practically diminished, so we don’t  need masks anymore. That’s a lot of bull! According to latest statistics, by late September, more than 2,000 people on average, were dying from the virus each day, a level the country had not reached since February. One influential model projects that new cases will bump up this fall and about 90,000 more Americans will die by January 1. The death totals are now over 700,000! These are pretty scary, realistic statistics. The model also concludes that almost half of those deaths could be averted if most everyone wore masks. Yes, these simple little pieces of cloth can help save your life. So, if you two guys want to kill yourselves, have at it! But please don’t try to convince others to follow your ignorant misinformation. Come on people, how bad can it be to wear a mask when crowded conditions warrant it? Be smart, tough it out,  wear one and live. And don’t forget the vaccine shot!